Support Groups

Substance Abuse

Life after getting sober can be overwhelming and filled with anxiety and self-doubt. Learn skills to help you stay on track during recovery and help develop a peer support system. Topics that will be covered include: mindful meditation, anger management, relapse prevention, having fun while sober and improving relationships/communication. You won't have to take this journey alone. Your peers will be there to provide encouragement, motivation and support when you are feeling challenged. This is not an AA-based Group. 

Anger Management

We will address issues such as the origin of your anger, how to recognize warning signs of anger, and ways in which to cope, manage, and control behaviors associated with anger. We will teach you appropriate ways to express your anger in addition to learning about communication skills that can help you get your needs met. You will learn stress management tools and other healthy ways to manage your emotions. The next Class begins Monday December 18, 2017.

Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness involves a conscious direction of our awareness. It has been scientifically proven to help improve physical and mental health, especially those with chronic pain or anxiety/depression. This Group is for people who want to deepen their connection to themselves, others and their environment. This is a psychoeducational Group designed to introduce participants to the theory and practice of Mindfulness. Participants will practice meditation and relaxation techniques at each session to become more present and aware of thoughts and feelings without judging them.


Call us at  904-543-6055, or use the form below to register for one of the Groups. We will call you back to obtain your payment information.

Groups are Open and On-Going. Sessions meet for 75 minutes each week and will run for 6 weeks.  Groups will be limited to 6-8 participants. Groups meet in Jacksonville Beach. Classes begin at 6:30 pm. 

FEE: $30 per session if paid in advance ($180) or $35 at the door.

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